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6. Payment Options

A number of payment options are available to suit your company's method of operation.

Don't be fooled into thinking that you can only take orders online if you can accept credit card payments. It may be beneficial for some products, but for others this is just another way of accepting an order and the payment can be dealt with by invoice, etc.

Some of the payment options allow you to charge an additional fee if the customer wishes to use it.

If you have a PayPal business account then you can even use that to accept payment for orders placed through ClientSHOP.

The customer purchasing your goods will only be presented with the payment options that you have chosen to use.

Secure Credit Card Transactions

ClientSHOP can provide you with a secure way of acquiring your customer's credit card details. Once you have these details you can process the transaction in your usual way. Please contact info@clientshop.net for more information.


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Calculate VAT for your products, dealing with EC and other exports.
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