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How does it Integrate with My Site?

All the parts we have been through so far on the tour have been involved in entering information that is stored on a database on the ClientSHOP server. One of the usual complications of setting up an online shop is that you need a database of all your information and a fairly complex applications to present this information. These are the parts that ClientSHOP deals with meaning your web site does not need a database, an application or anything else particularly special.

The integration is done in this way:

1. A single line of code is added to the header of your standard HTML file to link in the utilities on the ClientSHOP server. This is simply a link to a JavaScript file.

2. Wherever on your page you need a price, another small JavaScript function is called, such as:

<script language="javascript">PriceImage("sample","prod1");</script>

This will show the price (in the customer's selected currency) of the product "prod1" from the merchant "sample".

3. Shopping baskets, add to basket buttons and so on are added in the same way.

Please note that the Code Generator will create all these bits of code for you. All you have to do is to copy them into your existing web page code.

The Shopping Basket

When the customer wants to visit the shopping basket, this is provided to them directly from the ClientSHOP server - you do not need to write your own. To make the shopping basket look like your web site you can provide a "template". This is a simple HTLM page with links to you logo, menu, etc. that ClientSHOP uses and inserts the shopping basket text at the relevent point.

This template page is also used throughout the checkout process.

If you prefer, you can use frames in your site and plug the standard shopping basket into one frame on your site. This way no template is required.

Creating the template is probably the only complicated part of implementing the ClientSHOP facilities, and even then it should only take a few minutes for a reasonably experienced web site developer. If you have any problems doing this then we can produce the template for you free of charge.


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