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1. Getting an Account

Before you can set up an online shop with ClientSHOP you must apply for an account by completing the Account Application form. You are free to try out the service for one week free of charge to see that it suits your application.

Once your account has been activated (usually within a few hours of application) you will receive a Merchant ID and a password. You can enter these in the Merchant Login area you see near the top of each ClientSHOP page.

Once you login, you get the Merchant Control Panel shown on the right.


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 Latest Features

Multiple Currencies
Accept orders in £, $ or € with exchange rate calculations.

VAT Calculations

Calculate VAT for your products, dealing with EC and other exports.
 Sample Customers

GiantQ Qlink Shop
Web site development by Client Software with shop by CientSHOP.

doseBadge Dosimeter
Web site development by Client Software with shop by ClientSHOP.

Sound Level Meters

Web site and online shop by Client Software and ClientSHOP.
Fit Tester
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